Arkema ChemArt Green Innovation Class

As a responsible specialty chemicals manufacturer, Arkema is actively dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR), making contributions to global sustainable development.

In China, according to actual local needs of neighboring communities and relevent groups of people, especially young students, Arkema organized a series of colorful CSR activities and encouraged its employees to participate in these activities, contributing to local community development.


In May 2016, Arkema launched "ChemArt Green Innovation Class", a long-term CSR project with the theme of "Better Life, Better Future". As a complement to school education, the project carried out various volunteer activities about innovation, safety, environmental protection, etc., according to actual needs of target schools. It aims to provide students more opportunities and resources, help them to broaden horizons, acquire knowledge from different sources, simulate innovation, boost comprehensive developmment and enable a better future.

Better Life, Better Future” Highlights:


May 6, 2016, the first Arkema ChemArt Green Innovation Class was set up at Zhangjiagang Lvfeng School, a school for migrant workers’ children in Jiangsu Province


  • Arkema launched “Better Life, Better Future - ChemArt Green Innovation Class”  at Zhangjiagang Lvfeng School, a school for migrant workers’ children in Jiangsu Province. It is a long-term project of Arkema for deepening CSR in China. Xavier Durand-Delacre, President of Arkema Greater China, Chunqiu Zhu, deputy mayor of Fenghuang town and Jianzhong Zhang, the Education and Management Section Chief of the town attended the opening ceremony. It was followed by a wide range of volunteering activities carried out by employees from Arkema China. Volunteers from Arkema China walked into the classroom to tutor the children on environmental protection, art, and safety. Employees from the IT department provided a basic IT skills training for the teachers. Furthermore, Arkema China offered Zhangjiagang Lvfeng School a number of recycled computers to improve the school’s teaching facilities. All kinds of books and tool kits collected by Arkema staff were donated to give the children more knowledge and a better future.


September 29, 2016, the second Arkema ChemArt Green Innovation Class was established at Liminlu Primary School in Hengshui, Hebei Province



June 2, 2017, the Arkema ChemArt Innovation Inquiry Program kicked off at Zhangjiagang Lvfeng School, and “Better Life, Better Future” was officially launched as Arkema’s CSR brand in China


  • Volunteers from Arkema China walked into the classroom to tutor the children on safety and environmental protection, and help them to make handcrafts with Arkema environmental friendly materials of Blu Tack and Glustik. Furthermore, Arkema introduced its ChemArt Innovation Inquiry Program to students: set up teams per 4-5 students and 1-2 volunteers; each team can choose a practice program or topic relevant to the theme of environmental protection; students exert imagination and innovation, and finish “inquiry” and present results under the guidance of volunteers. The selected best program will be awarded by Arkema. Besides, Arkema and its employees also brought gifts like books and art kits to help students learn more knowledge and enable a better future.


December 22, 2017, Arkema China unveiled its “Better Life, Better Future - ChemArt Innovation Inquiry Program” results at Zhangjiagang Lvfeng School


  • Since the “ChemArt Innovation Inquiry Program” was launched in June, the children have inquired about and studied environmental protection related programs under the help of volunteers from Arkema China, including the Solar Housing Construction, the Harm of Battery Study, Climate Challenge, Sewage Filtering, the Magic of Wind, and Dinosaur & Haze. Today they introduced and presented their innovative results to their teachers and schoolmates. The children’s creative ideas and their highly innovative and practical programs are so amazing and are all strongly appreciated by the present teachers, students and volunteers. As Christmas Day is approaching, volunteers from Arkema China told children the story of Christmas, carried out fun games, brought Blu Tack series gifts and a batch of warm supplies, like hats and gloves. These warm supplies came from “Arkema—Bostik Product Day”, during which volunteers from Arkema affiliate Bostik made roses with Blu-tack and received charity donations from the employees.


February 6, 2018, employee volunteers sing a song < Tomorrow will be better+ we are the world> in Arkema China’s new-year dinner.




June 8, 2018, employee volunteers from Arkema China held the World Environment Day interactive event at Zhangjiagang Lvfeng School.


  • Taking the occasion of Children’s Day and World Environment Day and on the basis of the successful experience of the “ChemArt Innovation Inquiry Program” last year, volunteers from Arkema China (including some foreign employees) encouraged more students to start thinking about environmental protection and participate in the inquiry of related projects, so as to stimulate their independent thinking, innovation and problem-solving capabilities. In addition, volunteers also taught the children safety skills for daily life, carried out an interactive handicraft DIY course, and conducted an English talking and role-play activity, helping to raise safety awareness of the children, stimulate their innovation capability and inspire their learning interest with fun. With the “ChemArt Green Innovation Class” stepping into the 3rd year, students are getting more active and passionate, and successfully demonstrated their creative ideas, like bean sprouts & paper-making and environmental friendly fashion show.


December 21, 2018, Volunteers from Arkema China celebrated the last Christmas and 3 year anniversary of ChemArt Green Innovation Class with children of Zhangjiagang LvFeng School.


  • Several foreign employees and their family joined this Christmas Day with volunteers from different sites and offices of Arkema China. Handcraft making, art performance and games, children spent a very joyful time as well as volunteers. Designed activities aim to develop knowledge and capability in a more creative way. We found that children are willing to discover and share in play. Following our computer donation in 2016, we brought this year 65 recycled laptops and computers to provide a better equipped classroom for a better study environment. With great help from ITeam, we collected, cleaned and reset adapted program for school use.


June 5, 2019, the Arkema China Corporate Social Responsibility mini-website was officially launched. 


  • On 5 June, the Arkema China Corporate Social Responsibility mini-website was officially launched. At the same time, taking the opportunity of World Environment Day, Arkema China and volunteers once again visited Zhangjiagang Lvfeng School, a school for migrant workers’ children in Jiangsu Province, to continue the “ChemArt Green Innovation Class” volunteer activity.On this visit to Zhangjiagang Lvfeng School, Arkema volunteers not only taught children concepts and practice about circular economy and waste classification, but also inspired them to care about football, got close to football, and put their knowledge of football competition into practice in fun outdoor football games, combining education with play. Arkema has always attached great importance to sportsmanship, and has supported an international sailing competition. It also recently sponsored the Shanghai Butterfly Football Cup, a public service football match. The launch of football activities at Zhangjiagang Lvfeng School also continues Arkema’s sports spirit of “working together for success”.

Volunteer Association

Arkema has always been committed to practicing CSR. In 2002, Arkema launched the Common Ground®, actively coordinating the relationship among the company, production facilities, and the environment, while communicating closely with local neighbors. In China, Arkema is also constantly strengthening ties with local communities and encouraging employees to actively participate in various CSR programs to contribute to the community building. Over the years, Arkema employee volunteers entered communities and schools multiple times in different places and devoted themselves to activities regarding safety, environmental protection, and education, passing on positive energy and helping realize “One Arkema” and sustainable development of the society.


With the expansion of Arkema’s CSR in China, the Arkema China Volunteer Association was established in March 2017 to better bring together employee power, integrate internal resources, and further the development of Arkema CSR, as well as provide more convenient CSR access for employees.

130 employees have joined the association by now and the number is still growing. They are all from Arkema and its business units and branches including Arkema China Shanghai HQ, the Changshu platform, Arkema Zhangjiagang, Casda, Sartomer, Bostik and Sunke, etc. Here, Arkema employees work together to create values for society and the company, building a better life and welcoming a sustainable future.