Common Ground® - building long-lasting ties with our stakeholders

Through Common Ground®, Arkema is committed to a completely new approach in building relationships between the Group, its facilities and its environment. This initiative entails opening up our plants in order to establish long-term exchanges with neighboring communities. And, more generally, to have exchanges with our stakeholders so that they better understand Arkema's activities and products.

Plant open day

Arkema organizes plant open day for families of its employees or from nearby neighborhoods, for university students with chemical background...This helps people learn Arkema better.


The pictures drawn by the pupils of Shanghai Minhang Cao Hang Primary School and Changshu Fushan Central Primary School show how children understand a chemical plant after their visit in Arkema.

Arkema also took an active part in the Open-to-Public Day event initiated by AICM (Association of International Chemical Manufacturers). The recent two events were in June 2014.

Arkema Shanghai Hydrogen Peroxide Plant actively joins the Open-to-Public Day event initiated by AICM.

Arkema Hydrogen Peroxide Plant

Employees' children were dressed with “clothes” made from green materials, performing a green fashion show on the stage.

Arkema Changshu actively joins the Open-to-Public day event initiated by AICM.

Arkema Changshu Site

Participants joined a handcraft contest - Waste Utilization. Different kinds of beatiful "artworks" came into being with everybody's rich imagination.

Community day

To ensure more dialogues with local neighborhoods, Arkema organizes community day events regularly.

Arkema enters the neighborhood, gives first-aid training and delivers basic chemistry knowledge.


Cooperation with Albatross Foundation

Arkema cooperates with Albatross Foundation* to deliver environmental protection class in primary schools.

This is in accordance with Arkema's belief in a balanced and sustainable future.


*Albatross Foundation is devoted to awaken children's consciousness about environmental protection and nature conservation.