Specialty polyamides resins

Many of the products of the specialty polyamides activity are positioned among the market leaders. Its success is based on strong brands, high-performance products, and innovative and dynamic R&D. Arkema is a world leader in high performance polyamide resins. 

Our flagship bio-based Rilsan® polyamide 11 series is famous for its 70 year legacy in some of the world’s most demanding applications (also available as powder coatings). To complement this range, Arkema also offers an extensive portfolio of Rilsamid® polyamide 12 resins, Orgalloy® polyolefin/polyamide alloys, Platamid® copolyamide hot melt adhesives, Orgasol® super-controlled particle size polyamide powders, and our world famous Pebax® thermoplastic elastomer range. 

Specialty polyamides typical features include:

  • Flexibility
  • Extreme toughness, abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding impact resistance (especially at cold temperatures)
  • Renewable, bio-based sourcing (Rilsan® and Pebax® Rnew® grades)
  • Fuel resistance, barrier properties
  • Light weight
  • Extreme energy return