Rheology additives (Coatex)

With over 40 years' experience, Coatex, a subsidiary of Arkema, is one of the leading global producers of rheology additives for aqueous phase formulations and processes.

The expertise of Coatex lies mainly in the area of the rheology (i.e. consistency, viscosity) of mineral materials: water dispersion, testing the stability of aqueous suspensions, preventing settling.

Its additives are used to:

  • increase or, conversly, to reduce the viscosity of water-based paints, thereby improving their behavior during and after application,
  • optimize mineral powders and anti-settling agents in solutions used for manufacturing construction materials (concrete, ceramics, etc.),
  • improve coating color, coatings to enhance resistance and the printing capability of paper and cardboard,
  • enhance water treatment.

Due to Coatex's high degree of innovation, 50% of its sales are generated by products developed over the last five years.