Plastic additives

Arkema is a major global player in the manufacture of additives for PVC, engineering plastics and thermosetting resins. These additives are acrylic or methacrylate-butadiene-styrene (MBS) impact modifiers, as well as acrylic processing aids.


Impact modifiers

vinyl facade house

Arkema’s acrylic and MBS impact modifiers improve the impact strength of thermoplastic materials, while offering an optimal cost-performance balance. These additives are particularly suited to the reinforcement of PVC articles for exterior applications, such as PVC windows, but also interior applications such as furnishing films and  clear packaging. The latest development in this impact modifier range is designed for reinforcing thermosetting resins used in composite materials or in structural adhesive formulations.

Processing aids

Arkema’s processing aids are suitable for the calendering, extrusion and injection of plastic materials. In particular, these additives enhance fusion and help eliminate surface defects in thermoplastic articles.

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