Hydrazine hydrate

Arkema is a world leader in hydrazine hydrate and derivatives chemistry. Well-known for its high purity, Arkema’s hydrazine hydrate is used, in a variety of diluted and derivative forms, in a large number of applications and markets.

Arkema hydrazine hydrate and derivatives are mainly used as:


  • Organic synthesis intermediates (agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, manufecturing of chemicals, etc.)
  • Laboratory reagent in fine chemicals
  • Reducing agent in metals (purification of precious metals in the mining industry, etc.)
  • Corrosion inhibitor in industrial boilers, nuclear and/or thermal power plants
  • Lime scale and heavy metal scavenger in water treatment
  • Oxygen scavenger on ultra high pressure industrial sites
  • Blowing agent for polymer (PE, PVC, PMMA, EVA, rubber, etc.) foams.

Hydrazine hydrate range is composed of:


Hydrazine hydrate 100%: active ingredient and base for manufacture of various hydrazine hydrate dilutions and derivatives

Hydrazine hydrate 80%: synthesis intermediate for various markets

Hydrazine hydrate 55%: corrosion inhibitor in industrial boilers

Hydrazine hydrate 24%: polymerization initiator for boiler water treatment


Triazole range: hydrazine hydrate derivatives used primarily as intermediates in the synthesis of active principles in agrochemicals (fungicides, weedkillers, etc.), in the pharmaceutical industry, and in cutting-edge electronics for component purification.

Liozan®: hydrazine hydrate grade enriched with an organic activator for ultra high pressure industrial sites

Azoic initiator (AZDN) range: with a physical appearance of powder or cocoon, these hydrazine hydrate derivatives are mostly used as polymerization initiators (carbon fibers, PMMA, polyacrylamide, etc.) or as blowing agents for foam composites.

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