Arkema is the world leader in the production of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) resins. This range of thermoplastic resins exhibits exceptional properties, in particular weathering resistance, chemical resistance and superior mechanical properties at a wide range of temperatures. Arkema markets its production under the Kynar® brand.

Since 1965, the Kynar® brand has become known globally as an emblem of quality and innovation. Kynar® resins are known for their extreme properties (durability, resistance, and longevity) as well as their ease of processing.


They are typically specified for the following features:


  • Extreme weather (UV) resistance
  • Tremendous chemical resistance
  • Excellent flame & smoke properties
  • Radiation resistance
  • Outstanding electrochemical stability
  • Selective solubility
  • Ease of processing (molding, extrusion, casting, welding, forming, etc.)