Consumer goods

Beauty product

Sports, cosmetics, architectural design components, etc., the products of the Arkema group are present in everyday objects. Developed using innovative, high performance and responsible specialty chemicals, our products meet and exceed the expectations of today’s consumer goods market.

The Arkema group passes on to consumers the benefit of its latest technological advances in materials and specialty chemicals. Whether they are for the beauty, hygiene, sports or design markets, its products are dependable and respectful of the environment, and contribute to the comfort and well-being of daily life.

Sports Market: high performance plastics for all disciplines

Evopower soccer shoes with Pebax®

Lightweight polymer solutions are vital to innovation in the sports industry. Components that can maintain toughness and energy return without weighing down athletes are necessary to push them faster and further.

There are many parts of a running shoe that can be enhanced with Pebax® elastomers. Midsole components like the torsion bars and plates, along with other components like heel counters are great applications for Pebax® resins.


For even more structure and snapback properties, glass and carbon fiber filled Pebax® and Rilsan® components can be incorporated into foam midsoles. For additional comfort, Evatane® components act as shock absorbers in sports shoes. 

Focus on... Pebax® Rnew

Pebax®powered ski boots

Pebax® elastomers are the materials of choice by some of the most recognized ski boot manufacturers. The Pebax® family consists of grades with varying flexibility and hardness levels, and the option of being partially biobased (Pebax® Rnew® range).  The wide range allows for exceptional solutions for alpine, cross-country, and touring (freeride) skiing styles.

Cosmetics: for 100% natural beauty

The cosmetics market is faced with a growing demand for natural products. To respond to this need, the Arkema group has developed Oleris®, a 100% plant-based range of products (castor oil plant), used as intermediates in the synthesis of aromas and fragrances, and also as ingredients in beauty and cosmetic products.

Focus on... Orgasol® Green Touch

Beauty cream

This new ultra-fine powder is 100% made of plant-based raw materials. Inspired by the principles of green chemistry, Orgasol® Green Touch is used as a texturing agent in the manufacturing of makeup products (lipstick, mascaras, powders) and facial skin care creams and sunscreens.

Design: the metamorphosis of Altuglas® acrylic glass

Table made of Altuglas® PMMA

Due to its ease of transformation and its exceptional properties of transparency and resistance, Altuglas® PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) is commonly used in a multitude of daily objects:

  • Signage (urban signage, storefront signs and lighted poster boards, display stands)
  • Architecture (street furniture, urban design and lighting, glass roofs, bay windows, etc.)
  • Home (small appliances, decoration, household appliances, etc.)
  • Bathrooms (bath tubs, shower cabins, accessories)
  • Hygiene and medical (cosmetics bottles, medical supplies, incubators, tanning booths, etc.)
  • Automobile (back lights, panoramic roofs and side windows).


The Kynar®, Pebax®, and Rilsan® polymer families are well-suited for use in home appliances. These resins can be extruded into beverage tubing for applications like coffee machines and injection molded into parts like blender containers or carafe components. Transparent and high temperature grades are also available for the most demanding applications.