Saint-Gobain, Arkema, SKF, Stanley Initiate EU & US Industrial Goods Carnival on 1688.com

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On October 8, Saint-Gobain, Arkema, SKF, and Stanley initiated the EU & US Industrial Goods Carnival on Alibaba 1688.com, aiming to expand their online channels, mobilize and consolidate resources of the platform and companies, and seek a customer-oriented, cross-field, one-stop sales model for industrial goods. By giving full play to the influence in their respective fields and boosting synergy, the enterprises are endeavoring to bring customers the new convenience allowed by the growth of the internet in the digital era. The launch ceremony of the carnival was held in Alibaba's Headquarters in Hangzhou, where Mr. Hanson Wang, Chief Digital Officer, Asia Pacific, Saint-Gobain, Mr. Jason Anderson, Vice President of Performance Plastics, Asia Pacific, Saint-Gobain, Ms Daria Gong, Head of Corporate External Communication, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, Arkema, Mr. Chuang Yang, E-Commerce Manager, BGPI, SKF, Mr. Zhaoyuan Zhang, Marketing Director of Stanley Asia, Mr. Hai Wang, Vice President of Alibaba Group, Mr. Yiming Chen, Big Market Operation GM of Alibaba 1688.com and Ms. Xuelian Qiu, Alibaba Industry Brand Station Director were present.


EU & US Industrial Goods Carnival on Alibaba 1688.com launching ceremony

As the largest B2B e-commerce platform in China, 1688.com is regarded as a key channel for multinational companies to grow their business and deploy digital strategies in the country. The EU & US Industrial Goods Carnival, launched by Saint-Gobain, Arkema, SKF and Stanley on 1688.com, is an online shopping festival which makes the most of the platform and companies’ resources to create new business opportunities, further expand the influence and operation capabilities of online channels, and accelerate the digital growth of multinational industrial brands in China.


The Carnival is set to begin at 0:00 on October 8 and end at 23:59 on November 18, lasting more than a month. During this period, Saint-Gobain, Arkema, SKF and Stanley will offer cross-store, unprecedented huge discounts on all or part of their online product range, delivering an exciting online carnival to customers.

“Saint-Gobain, Arkema, SKF and Stanley are among leading global industrial brands that have established flagship stores on Alibaba’s 1688.com,” said Ms. Xuelian Qiu, Alibaba Industry Brand Station Director. “It is the first time that our partners have independently initiated and designed an online shopping festival on the platform, which is of great significance to customers, brands, product promotion, as well as the development of 1688.com. We support and encourage such efforts, and have no doubt that the event will prove highly fruitful for all stakeholders.”


Saint-Gobain, Arkema, SKF and Stanley will bring on sale a series of products for the carnival, such as:


Saint-Gobain: saintgobainchina.1688.com

  • NORTON – angle grinder application solutions: high-performance abrasive products for four kinds of applications: cutting, heavy-duty grinding, stock removal and polishing, including resin cut-off wheels, grinding wheels, discs, nylon wheels, etc. Each category is divided into four grades: Bear, Expert, Blue-fire and Quantum according to customers’ different requirements for performance and price.
  • TYGON® stands for flexible operation, good technical service, professional formulation and regulatory knowledge. TYGON® offers precision products that meet both good performance and compliance requirements to all professional fluid transport applications
  • Diamond Compound – precision surface conditioning solutions, including Amplex diamond lapping compound, OS-HV compound and O458C2

Arkema: Arkema.1688.com

  • Antifreeze Glycerin: content assurance, imported raw materials, natural plant oil source
  • Sebacic Acid granules: high purity, versatile, good mobility
  • Sebacic Acid powder: high purity, versatile, fast solution in water
  • Refined Sebacic Acid granules: low Pt/ Co ratio, high purity, good performance, natural plant oil source
  • BOSTIK Silyl Modified Adhesive: MS 305, MS 206

SKF: skfzccn.1688.com

  • Deep Groove Ball Bearings: SKF Explorer deep groove ball bearings feature high grade bearing steel, optimum rolling elements, optimized finishing and advanced lubrication, boasting long life, low friction and quiet operation.

Stanley Black & Decker: sbd.1688.com

Committed to providing customers with professional hardware tools, the company serves and supports a number of industrial fields including automotive, general manufacturing, petrochemical, nuclear power, wind energy, high-speed railway, subway and power transmission & transformation, etc.

  • Stanley Hand Tools: tape measure, wrench, wire cutter, hand tool kits
  • Stanley/ DeWalt Power Tools: drill, angle grinder, electric hammer and electric breaker, etc.

For more information, please visit the four companies’ Alibaba Brand Stations on 1688.com.


Daria GONG
Corporate External Communication - China
External Communication - China