“Safety on the way”: Arkema’s Production Sites Actively Held Themed Activities of World Day for Safety and Health at Work

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April 28 is World Day for Safety and Health at Work. In the special context of the prevention and control of COVID-19, under the theme of “Safety on the way”, Arkema mobilized its production sites to carry out various characteristic themed activities of World Day for Safety and Health at Work to improve employees’ safety protection awareness and further ensure production safety.

Safety is one of the most important commitments of Arkema’s corporate social responsibility. For many years, Arkema has always regarded “safety” as its priority, initiated “Safety in action” within the group, and actively taken measures to ensure workplace safety. This year, in the context of global pandemic of COVID-19, taking the opportunity of World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Arkema took “Safety on the way” as its theme and mobilized its production sites to carry out various characteristic activities. Starting from April 28, and closing on May 18, in more than two weeks, employees’ safety awareness was effectively improved and workplace safety was further guaranteed.

China HQ: I speak for safety

A total of more than 20 themed activities were held at Arkema China Headquarters and its branches, employees were very interested in them. With leaders of each offices and departments hosting the events, the activities were mainly carried out in the form of video case sharing due to the epidemic, and attracted employees’ full engagement. In the discussion sessions, participants actively shared their opinions and pointed out the hidden dangers that need to be paid attention to.

Taixing Sunke: I protect myself; I protect you

In 2019, Arkema completed the acquisition of the remaining stake of Taixing Sunke Chemcials Co., Ltd. With an annual capacity of 480,000 tons of crude acrylic acid, Taixing Sunke has become Arkema’s largest acrylic acid manufacturing facility globally. This year, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arkema, Taixing Sunke actively responded to the call of the group and carried out World Day for Safety and Health at Work activities for the first time. Focusing on “Hand Protection”, “Work at Height and Scaffold”, “Plant Pedestrian Safety”, “Firefighting & Emergency”, “Lockout-Tag out-Try out” and “First Aid”, the activities helped employees improve their hand protection awareness, action observation ability, daily safety awareness and learn how to use fire equipment and practice CPR. Through these lively and interesting operation drills, employees learned the safety culture and concept of the group, and kept these safety methods in mind.

Changshu site: Discover and report the hidden dangers around you

As the largest industrial site of Arkema Group worldwide, Changshu site organizes quarterly emergency response drills in cooperation with local firefighting brigade to ensure safety. And it has held World Day for Safety and Health at Work activities for five consecutive years. This year, Changshu site mainly focused on “Discovery and report of hidden dangers” and “Safety on the way: road safety”, and discussed the problems reported in “hidden dangers” and the management of road safety. Employees reviewed the recent typical incidents inside and outside the site, and launched the “Red List Activity” of inspection and rectification of the safety use of bicycles on site to strengthen the safety management of bicycles in the plant.

Sartomer: Walking safety and ergonomics

During the epidemic, Sartomer made full use of the online platform to organize employees to learn the safety knowledge of “walking safety and ergonomics”, through which employees could promptly receive reminders and feedbacks of their learning progress with interactive Q&As. Taking this opportunity, many employees acquired rich safety knowledge and learned the use of safety tools.

Bostik: Continuing the prevention of COVID-19, and decreasing plant risks

As a global leading adhesive expert, Bostik, an Arkema company practiced the spirit of “Focusing on ‘Safe Start’, Continuing the prevention of COVID-19; Re-studying safety essentials, Decreasing plant risks”, and held World Day for Safety and Health at Work activities, including online sharing and offline “Safe Start” card collection activity, in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Changshu.

Through online sharing, Bostik brought the latest information about COVID-19 and informed employees of the continuing strategy of Arkema Group against the epidemic. At the same time, Bostik also reviewed recent key incidents and the upcoming safety topics in plant and had a full communication on safety expectation. In the on-site activity, Bostik prepared 13 “Safe Start” cards; employees could get familiar with the safety tips in the process of collecting these cards.

Casda: Knowledge sharing and operation drills

Casda organized 30 shift leaders to attend the safety training to improve their awareness of hand protection during work and lift. In addition, Casda finished the safety inspection of different areas to eliminate potential risks and dangers, shared the global “Safety on the way” lecture including the prevention and control of COVID-19, hand protection and personnel safety, etc. Casda organized emergency evacuation drills as well, enabling employees to master the safety precautions under fire fighting, chemicals leakage, personnel injury, emergency evacuation and other situations.

Arkema Suzhou polyamides (ASP): Focus on forklift safety

ASP is mainly responsible for the production of bio-renewable high performance polyamides. In its themed activities, ASP focused on "forklift safety" and invited all forklift drivers and relevant management personnel to participate. Lots of typical forklift accidents and related experience were shared in the indoor meeting. Also, ASP organized an outdoor forklift competition, through which employees learned about the hidden dangers of goods transportation in the warehouse and yard, and improved road safety awareness.

Arkema-ArrMaz: HSEQ action ongoing

Arkema-ArrMaz has fully launched the HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) mode. Its safety actions involved all aspects of daily work safety, focusing on “Hand Safety” and “Anti-rollover & Defensive driving”. Through online training, review and discussion of recent key incidents, employees summarized various precautions in hand safety and road safety. Based on the summary, ArrMaz will purchase safety tools, high risk work safety equipment before the end of May to fully optimize the workplace environment and safety. After gaining rich safety knowledge, employees of ArrMaz have also improved some safety details in the plant. For example, stairs were added next to the machine and pipeline identification was set. These small changes greatly perfected workplace safety.

Hydrogen Peroxide Shanghai: Sign your safety commitments

Hydrogen Peroxide Shanghai carried out its safety activities on May 18. Due to the impact of COVID-19, all staff conducted small-scale discussions in accordance with the division of departments. At present, employees are still much concerned about the evolution of COVID-19. They actively exchanged their experience of protection from COVID-19 over the past few months, and offered suggestions and discussed measures in fighting against the epidemic. In addition, the safety requirements of driving and walking cannot be ignored as well; employees signed the letters of commitment one and another for road safety and fighting the epidemic together.

Safety always in mind; safety in action. In the future, Arkema will continue the implementation and promotion of its safety actions; particularly during the epidemic, Arkema will actively fulfil its solidarity commitment in response to the COVID-19 crisis and take measures to ensure personal health and production safety.