China and Turkey Customs Mutual AEO Recognition Visit Held at Sartomer (Guangzhou)

- Press release
Recently, the mutual Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) recognition visit of China and Turkey Customs was held at Sartomer (Guangzhou) Chemicals Company Limited, affiliated to Arkema Group. The visit will provide important evidence for AEO certification’s level and quality, and establish a solid foundation for finally signing the mutual AEO recognition agreement between China and Turkey Customs. Sartomer (Guangzhou), as a benchmark enterprise certified by high-level AEO in China, was eventually selected as the representing company involved in the visit, after careful filtering and multiple field visits by Nansha Customs, Guangzhou Customs, and the General Administrations of Customs, China (GACC). The visit means further recognition of the company’s AEO management system since it obtained the certification.

During the visit, a team of 10 experts from China and Turkey Customs reviewed the internal control, customs compliance, financial control, trade security, and other fields of customs management at Sartomer (Guangzhou), by interviewing staff, touring the plant, and discussing the process and auditing. The management capability demonstrated by Sartomer (Guangzhou) that abided by AEO requirements, won the unanimous recognition of experts both from China and Turkey Customs. An expert from Turkey Customs said, “Sartomer (Guangzhou) have demonstrated a high standard and accuracy in handling the customs process from front line employee to management. Also, the risk management is clear and well defined. ”


As early as 2015, Sartomer (Guangzhou) had been certified as a high-level AEO and become one of the first companies that obtained the honor in China. According to the rules and regulations of AEO, after being certified by high-level AEO, Sartomer (Guangzhou) have been able to enjoy more convenience in customs clearance, such as a lower inspection rate, simplified process, and priority clearance. China Customs also assigned a specialized coordinator for Sartomer to assist the company in resolving various difficulties in daily exporting and importing as soon as possible. In addition, Sartomer (Guangzhou) as a high-level AEO, its position also helps when working with other government departments, so that Sartomer (Guangzhou) can also enjoy convenience in dealing with other affairs. “AEO helps the Nansha plant to streamline the handling of complex customs processes and our efficiency has improved greatly under the AEO certificate system.” said Bill Lai, Sartomer Asia Supply Chain Director.


AEO is the abbreviation of Authorized Economic Operator. It is a core system of the Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade advocated by the World Customs Organization (WCO). According to international clearance rules, the customs will certify enterprises with a high credit status, law-abiding degree and safety level through customs, and to give preferential customs clearance facilities to those enterprises that have passed the certification. Customs AEO mutual recognition usually requires the comparison of AEO systems between the two countries’ customs, negotiation on the documents of mutual recognition to be signed, and the enterprise certification visit and evaluation.


With a good track record, Sartomer (Guangzhou) Nansha Plant has good reputation in customs affairs, and it is one of the leading chemical plants for customs management in China. By the end of 2019, Sartomer (Guangzhou) Nansha plant will complete the AEO recertification process for a second term.



Daria GONG
Corporate External Communication - China