Arkema wins a CSR award from the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China

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On November 22, the 6th Corporate Social Responsibility Awards Ceremony sponsored by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China was held in Nanjing. Arkema (China) Investment Co., Ltd Changshu Branch was granted the MNC award “Leadership in CSR & Sustainable Growth”, for its two long-term CSR projects “Responsible Care Changshu AMIP Committee (RCCAC)” and “Common Ground® - ChemArt Green Innovation Class”. The award highly recognizes Arkema’s efforts in practicing corporate social responsibilities and contributing to sustainable development, and reflects Arkema’s determination to continuously driving its CSR projects in China.

Mr. Pascal Perrin (right), General Manager of Arkema (China) Investment Co, Ltd Changshu Branch receiving the “Leadership in CSR & Sustainable Growth” award on behalf of the company


“I’m very proud to receive this award on behalf of Arkema,” said Mr. Pascal Perrin, General Manager of Arkema (China) Investment Co, Ltd Changshu Branch, “Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of the pillars of Arkema’s strategy, and we have been actively responding to the call of the group, dedicated to all kinds of local activities bringing value to the communities, especially related to safety, environmental protection and education, in accordance with local situations. The two projects that help us win the award, are the typical cases of these activities.”

In early 2017, Arkema, as the general coordinator, initiated the “Responsible Care Changshu AMIP Committee (RCCAC)”


On February 23, 2017, Arkema initiated the establishment of “Responsible Care Changshu AMIP Committee (RCCAC)” with strong support from local government, the Changshu Advanced Materials Industrial Park (AMIP) Committee and other multi-national companies in the park. The mission of RCCAC is to promote responsible care, CSR and Sustainable Development Goals through various activities and events, practicing “learning, helping and sharing” with other chemical partners to improve the overall HSE culture at the park. RCCAC carried out a series of activities under the theme of “Responsible Care”, focusing on safe production, environment protection and humanistic care, contributing to building a green, safe and efficient modern ecological industrial park. Since 2018, Arkema has held a number of themed activities solely or jointly with other companies. For example, the World Safety Day activity carried out by Arkema Changshu platform mainly focuses on first aid related training, which received positive response from other members of RCCAC and surrounding enterprises; over 30 employees from more than 10 companies including Solvay, Chemours and Kureha participated in the practical training of CPR.


“Arkema ChemArt Green Innovation Class” CSR project was launched in May 2016

As a complement to school education, the long-term CSR project Arkema ChemArt Green Innovation Class was launched in 2016 in China. It aims to provide practical support and motivate young students’ self-expression capability and creativity. At Zhangjiagang Lvfeng School, a school for migrant workers’ children in Jiangsu Province, volunteers from Arkema China walked into the classroom to tutor the children on environmental protection, art, and safety. Employees from the IT department provided basic IT skills trainings for the teachers. Furthermore, Arkema China offered Zhangjiagang Lvfeng School a number of recycled computers to improve the school’s teaching facilities. All kinds of books and tool kits collected by Arkema staff were donated to enable the children learn more knowledge and have a better future. In Hengshui, Hebei, volunteers from Arkema Casda have been providing students from the Liminlu Primary School with bi-weekly English tutoring; the Arkema Casda plant also hired a football coach to train children from the Zhenhualu Primary School near the plant. These activities have strengthened the connection between Arkema plants and the surrounding communities and confirmed the Common Ground® Initiative launched over 10 years ago by the group, i.e., coordinating the relations between the company, its facilities and the environment in an innovative way.


The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China is a strong advocate of CSR over the past years, and has successfully held the CSR Awards selection for 6 years. The CSR Awards aim to acknowledge CSR successes, raise sustainability awareness, and share the CSR experiences with organizations looking to promote and exercise corporate responsibility in China. The “Leadership in CSR & Sustainable Growth” is newly set up this year; winning this award is a great recognition of Arkema’s continuous effort in CSR. In the future, Arkema will continue to move forward and further its corporate social responsibilities in China, contributing to the sustainable development of the country.

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Daria GONG
Corporate External Communication - China