Arkema exhibits at Chinacoat 2019 its latest innovative and sustainable solutions

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Arkema Group, the global leading specialty chemicals company, is exhibiting at the Chinacoat 2019 tradeshow in Shanghai, from 18 November to 20 November (booth # W3.E05, Zone 8). At the trade show, Arkema will present its latest innovative and sustainable high performance solutions designed for local paints and coatings market, including architectural coatings, architectural chemicals, industrial coatings, 3D printing, specialty coatings, fabric, inks and UV inkjet, from its business units of Sartomer, Coatex, Coating Resins, Technical Polymers, and Acrylic Monomers, addressing the fast growing coatings market in China.

The exhibited product ranges and latest innovations at Chinacoat 2019 include:

Innovations for UV/LED/EB-curable systems and advanced materials

  • SARBIO® high-performance liquid resins based on renewable raw materials: The SARBIO® product range offers sustainable solutions ideal for coatings, composites, 3D printing, electronics, adhesives, advanced materials, graphic arts and polymer synthesis.
  • N3xtDimension® engineered liquid resins for UV-curable 3D printing: Innovative solutions that advance performance characteristics like impact resistance, flexibility, high-resolution prototyping and castability. These resins are used in a variety of applications such as medical and dental parts, automotive components, sports equipment and consumer goods.
  • High-performance specialty acrylates for UV/LED/EB coatings: Advanced materials that impart performance properties such as stain resistance, hardness, low shrinkage, chemical stability, toughness, adhesion and fast cure speed.

Innovative waterborne rheological additives

  • Coapur™ 3320, a new highly efficient Newtonian polyurethane thickener with excellent cost efficiency and high performance at low dosage
  • Coadis™ 790, non-ionic polymeric dispersant for industrial coatings, inks and pigments pastes with improved compatibility and excellent stability
  • Rheotech™ M 03, innovative Acrylic thickener for high build in waterproofing membranes, putties, spackles and sealants
  • Rheotech™ 146, acrylic thickener providing high body, and smooth application properties especially developed for adhesives and sealants.

More environmental friendly, more innovative and more effective coating resins

  • Crayvallac® brand launches a series of products for high-solid with/without solvent, waterborne and powder coating systems, including Crayvallac® OPTIMA, Crayvallac® LV, Crayvallac® LA-350 and Crayvallac® WN-1535
  • Encor® acrylic range has rich business lines, providing innovative, environmental friendly and customized solutions for formula designers, to improve energy efficiency and quality of architectural materials, such as Encor® 5132, low-odor environmental friendly emulsion and Encor® 5136, with excellent bonding strength, outstanding water resistance and good workability
  • SYNOCURE owns a variety of high performance hydroxyl functional acrylics. For example, SYNOCURE 9201 S 75 is a high solid (75%) hydroxyl functional acrylic designed to crosslink at room temperature or forced air drying. Moreover, this resin shows excellent appearance and outstanding chemical resistance ; SYNOCURE 9294 BA 70 has a good balance of film appearance and physical performance with high solid (70%), provides high gloss finishing, high hardness, good leveling etc.

Other products on display:

  • Kynar 500® fluorocarbon coating resins, waterborne Kynar Aquatec® fluorocarbon coating emulsion
  • Orgasol® high performance coating additives
  • Rilsan® Fine Powders, high performance polyamide fine powders

In addition, taking this opportunity, Arkema will also carry out a co-branding interactive activity at the exhibition along with Dow and Evonik, demonstrating its hot products on the Alibaba 1688 platform, such as the high purity bio-based sebacic acid, Crayvallac® additives and acrylic emulsion. Arkema Alibaba 1688 Flagship Store marks an important milestone in accelerating its digital strategy in China centered on customer experience. Since its setup in May 2018, the flagship store has been developing and expanding. This year, the flagship store was upgraded to a “brand pavilion”, successfully launching the new “1+N” (i.e. Arkema + distributors) e-commerce operation model. Along with distributors, Arkema aims to fully mobilize resources and provide products and services more conveniently and easily. In the meanwhile, the brand pavilion will bring more products online to better meet the demand of its customers.

More details, welcome to visit us at our booth#W3.E05 to talk to our experts and find out more about our solutions.

Arkema at Chinacoat 2019

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Daria GONG
Corporate External Communication - China