Arkema Showcases at Chinaplas 2021, Contributes to Sustainable Development

- Press release
Arkema, the global leader in specialty materials, is exhibiting at the Alibaba 1688 booth of Chinaplas 2021, which is located at 13S41, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, from April 13 to 16. Arkema is committed to sustainable development. While promoting its sustainable materials and solutions through innovation, it also continues to carry out and promote its sustainable development projects. At this exhibition, Arkema presents its latest innovations in advanced materials including high-performance polyamide, fluoropolymer, adhesive and other sustainable development solutions, addressing the automotive and transportation, construction, 3D printing, sports equipment, and other fast-growing markets, contributing to the future sustainable development of society.

Actively Promoting Sustainable Development Programs

Arkema has actively launched a series of sustainable development programs worldwide, including:


  • Pragati: the World’s First Sustainable Castor Bean Program

Arkema is committed to sustainable castor crop production.  As one of the founding members of Pragati, the world’s first sustainable castor bean program, Arkema and its partners have built capacity, improved yields, and reduced environmental impacts by training farmers, thus helping them to cultivate castor beans effectively and ecologically. Over 4,500 farmers have been trained, audited, and certified, and 24,000 tons of certified castor seed have been cultivated.


  • ABC (Advanced Bio-Circular Materials) Solutions

Arkema has launched the 'ABC' (Advanced Bio-Circular Materials) program for the range of castor-oil-derived polyamides to promote high-performance, bio-sourced and recyclable polymers. In the future, this high performance polyamide will be applied in 3D manufacturing, consumer electronics, footwear, and other fields, further fostering the circular economy.


  • Global Program for Responsible Innovation: Start-up Connect

As a strategic component of Arkema’s development within an ecosystem of responsible innovation, this program invites start-ups from around the world specializing in advanced materials to join forces with Arkema to establish privileged research collaboration. It will attract innovators from all over the world linked to Arkema’s innovation platforms: natural resource management, lightweight materials and design, new energies, electronics solutions, and home efficiency and insulation, who will benefit from the Group’s financial support and technological experience, and jointly bring transformative projects to maturity.

High Performance Solutions Based on Innovation

Keeping up with the latest trends, Arkema is relentlessly working to put into place pioneering sustainable solutions on 5 R&D platforms: lightweight materials and design, natural resources management, new energies, electronics solutions, home efficiency and insulation.


  • Rilsan® PA11

Arkema is a global pioneer in both monomer and polymer production from castor oil feedstock, and has been committed to innovation in this field. Rilsan® PA11 is the flagship product of Arkema and is also known globally for being one of the world’s highest performing specialty polymers. As a high-performance polyamide 100% sourced from a renewable raw material, with its excellent chemical resistance properties, abrasion resistance, and outstanding impact resistance, Rilsan® PA11 is now used as a lightweight metal replacement for the automotive industry, additive manufacturing (3D printing), and sports equipment that helps athletes break records, etc.


  • Kynar® PVDF Fluoropolymer

Arkema’s Kynar® PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) and flexible copolymers are world famous for their balance of easy-processing and tremendous resistance and durability.  They are widely used in water filtration, electric vehicle battery and  'cool building', etc., covering all aspects of daily life, and playing a positive role in sustainable development.


  • Bostik High Performance Adhesive for Cold Forming Blister in Medical Packaging

At the exhibition,  Bostik, an Arkema company and a world-class leader in adhesives technologies, will present its high performance adhesive for cold forming blister in medical packaging for the first time. For details, welcome to visit Bostik’s booth#13H31.

With a strong R&D and an open innovation strategy, Arkema continues to provide customers with excellent technologies and innovative solutions.  In the future, it will adhere to sustainable development, by meeting the multiple challenges of the future society and contributing sustainable development to the world.


Daria GONG
Corporate External Communication - China