Arkema Launches Flagship Store at Alibaba 1688.com

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On May 28, global leading specialty chemicals company, Arkema, officially unveiled its flagship store at Alibaba 1688.com, as an important step to deploy its digital strategy in China. The opening ceremony was held in Alibaba’s Hangzhou HQ. Mr. Xavier Durand-Delacre, Senior Vice President of Arkema Asia Pacific and President of Arkema Greater China, Ms. Xuelian Qiu, Alibaba Industry Brand Station Director and Ms. Liang Yu, Alibaba Industry Raw Materials Director attended the ceremony.

“Arkema Group is accelerating the deployment of its digital strategy worldwide,” Mr. Xavier Durand-Delacre, President of Arkema Greater China, said. “Today, we are collaborating with Alibaba 1688.com, marking an important step in our deployment of digital strategy in China. Furthermore, the flagship store on Alibaba 1688.com is also launching a brand new business model for Arkema, enabling us to serve more diversified clients with higher efficiency and better convenience, thereby effectively improving the customers’ experience and creating more value for them, so as to contribute to our organic growth.”

As the largest B2B e-commerce platform, Alibaba 1688.com has become a choice of purchasing platform for more and more enterprises. The setup of the Arkema flagship store provides a reliable official online platform for local clients to purchase products. Clients can enjoy the competitive price of direct selling and advanced logistics services, while also promptly obtaining the latest information about innovations and products from Arkema.

Arkema unveiled its flagship store at Alibaba 1688.com
Ms. QIU Xuelian, Alibaba Industry Brand Station Director

“We’re very pleased to see high quality suppliers like Arkema launching their online flagship stores at Alibaba 1688.com.” Ms. Xuelian Qiu, Alibaba Industry Brand Station Director said, “Arkema is a global leading specialty chemicals company. I believe that the cooperation between the two giants, Arkema and Alibaba, will provide more enterprise customers with better resources and services, and enable more small and medium sized enterprises to purchase high quality products online more conveniently and efficiently.”

The first batch of 15 products brought on sale is from Arkema affiliate Bostik, such as hot melt adhesives (T7640, T7523 and T7641N) for the edge banding market, and packaging series solutions (TEF28, TEF52 and H830), choices of book banding and sealing markets; and from Casda, like the sebacic acid series products, raw material choices of manufacturing polyamide, polyester and polyurethane for the engineering plastics, adhesives and coatings markets. Also, Casda’s coolant grade glycerin can be applied in industrial heat pumps and automobile antifreeze. More Arkema products will be available on Arkema.1688.com soon.


For more information, please visit the Arkema Alibaba 1688 flagship store at Arkema.1688.com.


Daria GONG
Corporate External Communication - China
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