Arkema Accelerates Digitalization, Launching Brand Pavilion at Alibaba

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On May 28, the 1st anniversary of Arkema’s flagship store at Alibaba, Arkema announced that its flagship store was officially upgraded to a brand pavilion, launching the e-commerce operation model “1+N” (i.e., Arkema + distributors). Through Alibaba’s mature e-commerce platform, experience, big data and traffic, combined with effective marketing moves, Arkema aims to develop more diverse business channels, bring more business opportunities, and drive organic business growth. The opening ceremony of the brand pavilion was held in Alibaba’s Hangzhou Headquarters. Mr. Xavier Durand-Delacre, Senior Vice President of Arkema Asia Pacific and President of Arkema Greater China, Ms. Xiaoyu Zhang, Regional President of Arkema’s Technical Polymers business in Asia Pacific, Ms. Congshan Li, General Manager of Alibaba Industrial Brands and Ms. Xuelian Qiu, Alibaba Industrial Brand Pavilion Director, along with several representatives of Arkema’s distributors, attended the ceremony.

Mr. Xavier Durand-Delacre, Senior Vice President of Arkema Asia Pacific and President of Arkema Greater China in a speech


“Alibaba provides a very good window for interaction and communication between buyers and sellers. Through, we can more clearly understand client intentions and demands, access a wider variety of clients, explore a client pool we’re not used to approaching, and develop different sales channels, ” Mr. Xavier Durand-Delacre, President of Arkema Greater China, said. “Upgrading to a brand pavilion is a further attempt to develop our e-commerce business in China, and it also marks an important milestone in accelerating our digital strategy centered on the customer experience.”

Arkema has achieved better performance than expected from the launch of its flagship store, and sebacic acid, glycerin and other important products have been in hot sale. Through Alibaba, Arkema can directly communicate with end users and learn more about their real needs, which also helps Arkema in its subsequent product innovation. With the rapid development of the flagship store, Arkema’s flagship store has been upgraded to a brand pavilion. Along with distributors, it aims to fully mobilize resources and provide
products and services more conveniently and easily.

Arkema Alibaba 1688 Brand Pavilion launch ceremony

Ms. Congshan Li, General Manager of Alibaba Industrial Brands in a speech

"we're very pleased to see high-quality supplier like Arkema continuously developing and consolidating onAlibaba," Ms. Congshan Li, General Manager of Alibaba Industrial Brands said. " In August 2017, we established an industrial brand pavilion on to create a brand-owned B2B e-commerce platform. As a global leading specialty chemicals company, Arkema, in just one year, Arkema has upgraded its flagship store to a brand pavilion, becoming one of the leading companies to try the 'i+N' e-commerce operation model-a win for both Arkema and"

This upgrade has attracted a number of reliable distributors from all over the country to join. Through th brand pavilion, Arkema authorizes distributors in specific markets to assure the authenticity of the products, working together to bring clients high-quality, and more complete products, and providing faster delivery service. In the meantime, a variety of high performance materials has been brought on sale from Arkema TPA for the first time, including Kynar® PVDF fluoroplastics, Rilsan® PA11, Rilsamid® PA12, Rilsan® Fine Powders, Platamid® copolyamide hotmelt adhesives, and Oleris® heptatonic acid - each avaiable in multiple models.


In the future, Arkema will bring more products online and invite more high quality distributors, future implementing the "1+N" e-commerce opration model and moving forward in the field.


For more information, please visit the Arkema Alibaba Brand Pavilion at


Daria GONG
Corporate External Communication - China