Coatings, Paints and Inks

The Arkema Group is a world leader in raw materials for paints and coatings. Its range of high performance solutions and innovative technologies cover 99% of an ever more demanding market in terms of environmental constraints.

Eager to meet the technical, economic and environmental needs and requirements of manufacturers, Arkema has developed a comprehensive offering for coating materials (for metal, wood and plastics), decorative paints and inks.


By offering durable and wide-ranging solutions, Arkema enables its customers to remain competitive while fulfilling their objectives.

Our resins for durable coatings

Coating Resins

Arkema, through its business unit Coating Resins, offers a comprehensive range of innovative resins for waterborne paints (e.g. Encor®, SNAP®, Synaqua®) and solvent-based paints (e.g. Chempol®, Crayamid®, Synocure®). These resins are suitable for many applications:


Kynar® PVDF

Renaissance Center - Detroit, Michigan - coated with Kynar PVDF coatings

Kynar® PVDF resins feature outstanding durability and resistance to chemicals, erosion, UV radiation, and pollution.


Architectural and industrial coatings, solutions for transportation, electronics and the pharmaceutical industry are among the applications in which Kynar® PVDF resins have aptly demonstrated their performance.


Sartomer offers a wide range of specialty acrylate monomers and oligomers for the formulation of high added value inks, varnishes and adhesives. These liquid solvent-free resins supply a huge variety of markets, including electronics, construction and packaging, to bring effective, productive and low-energy solutions.
The Sarbio product range is based on bio-renewable raw materials. It helps minimize the environmental footprint even further.

Our innovative additives and modifiers for formulations


An expert in rheology additives for waterborne solutions, Coatex, an Arkema subsidiary, offers one of the most extensive portfolios on the market:

  • Waterborne acrylic or polyurethane thickeners (Rheotech™, Coapur™)
  • Water-soluble anionic or steric dispersing agents, (Coadis™, Ecodis™, Bumper Technology™)

Coatex solutions are low VOC* products that are heavy metal free and nonylphenol free, and so help meet the ever changing and ever more stringent environmental regulations. They provide the ideal solution for the development of unique formulations for durable environmentally sound paints and coatings.


*VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds

Orgasol® and Rilsan® Fine Powders

Fine powders within the Orgasol® and Rilsan® Fine Powders ranges are high performance additives for metal coating (coil and can coatings), wood finish flooring, and graphic arts. They are used to impart abrasion and scratch resistance to materials, as well as texture effects (e.g. matting effect).


Amines marketed under the brand name Alpamine® are used as neutralizing agents in waterborne paint and coating formulations and as anti-skin agents in alkyd paints.


Oleris® is used as a plasticizer with excellent solubility in paints and inks. Developed from vegetable oil (castor oil), it features excellent film-forming properties and imparts very good light stability to formulations.

Nanostrength® et BlocBuilder®

Nanostrength® nanostructured acrylic block copolymers are produced by the BlocBuilder® technology. They enable the development of new generation acrylic or epoxy coatings, dispersing agents, surfactants, etc.

The BlocBuilder® controlled radical polymerization technology is a proprietary technology developed by Arkema to produce acrylic, methacrylic, styrenic block copolymers with wide-ranging functionalization.

Our monomers and specialty chemicals for fine-tuned coatings


Thanks to their unique properties, the acrylic monomers enhance the performance of the polymers used in solvent-free paints and coatings, by making them longer-lasting and more environmentally sound.

Specialty surfactants and polyols

Adiansol® and Dianol® polyetherpolyols ranges are used as intermediates in the manufacture of epoxy, polyurethane and polyester resins, to which they impart superior flexibility, chemical stability and heat stability. Specialty surfactants are used as wetting agents, dispersing agents, plasticizers, etc.

Molecular sieves

Siliporite® molecular sieve powders are used as a moisture scavenger for the storage of polyurethane formulations. In fact they help prevent gassing and viscosity increase as a result of contact with moisture.


Sartomer offers a comprehensive range of specialty acrylate monomers and methacrylate monomers that impart unique properties to coatings. These solutions can be used as polymerization co-monomers for the synthesis of polymers, resins or additives.


In addition to plasticizers, Oleris® also offers monomers as synthesis intermediates for light-stabilizer additives.


For coating resins, Arkema’s amines are used as synthesis intermediates for specialty monomers and catalysts.

Methane sulfonic acid

Arkema’s methane sulfonic acid (MSA) is an esterification catalyst. This effective acid is non-oxidizing, biodegradable and easily recyclable, and makes ester-based resins colorless and less odorous. 

Our solvents to enhance the properties of coatings

Oxygenated solvents

Oxygenated solvents are used as solvents in formulations or resins for architectural paints, wood coating and coil coating. They can also be used in the synthesis of pigment dyes. Others help delay film formation in solvent-free/water-based paints.

Arkema’s solvents are used in formulations or for the synthesis of resins for paints and coatings.