Adhesives and sealants

Over the years, changes in adhesives, sealants, resins and glues have fundamentally transformed various sectors, including construction and transportation, as well as a large number of consumer products. Arkema provides practical and economical solutions thanks to its diversified offering and proven expertise.

From construction to transportation to everyday products, adhesives and sealants have become absolutely essential. They fulfill the wide-ranging requirements and needs of industry, craftsmen and consumers alike. Thanks to an extensive range of glues, adhesives, grouts and sealants, as well as related technologies, Arkema offers the right solutions that also comply with technical and environmental standards.

Bostik, specialty adhesives

Bostik logo

On 2 February 2015 Arkema finalised the acquisition of Bostik, the world’s n° 3 in adhesives. Hence the Group has reached a new milestone in its development, and confirms its ambition to become a world leader in specialty chemicals and advanced materials.


Arkema’s various glues and adhesives ranges have for many years played a part in reducing the weight of road and rail vehicles as well as of the interior structures of aircraft (cabin panels).

They enhance the comfort of passengers by cutting down noise and vibrations. Thanks to greater resistance to impact, extreme conditions and fire, they also help improve passenger safety.

Finally, certain adhesives ranges offer additional guarantee for containment systems in maritime transport, e.g. for liquefied gas (methane carriers). 


  • Bostik® EB elastic adhesives and sealants, highly flexible in particular for bonding decorative panels in boats.
  • SAF® methacrylate structural glues from AEC Polymer for composite elements for hull, boom or mast.


  • Bostik® EB solvent-free elastic glues and sealants for glazing and windscreen.
  • Structural adhesives for composites and SAF® from AEC Polymers and Nanostrength®.
  • Platamid® copolyamide hotmelt glues for interior trims in vehicles (passenger compartment, doors, roof).
  • Apolhya® high performance additives for the formulation of hotmelt glues.
  • The additive Clearstrength® XT100, a core-shell toughener designed to meet the most demanding technical requirements of thermoset applications such as structural adhesives (e.g. methacrylates, epoxy…).


  • Bostik® EB flexible and flame-retardant adhesives and sealants for the bonding of decorative laminates for aircraft cabin panels.
  • Nanostrength® nanostructured additives for structural adhesives used in composites assembly. 


  • Bostik® EB elastic adhesives and sealants, highly flexible in particular for bonding decorative panels.

Focus on... a floating laboratory of innovations

Arkema Multi50

In order to sail the seas with ever more efficient boats, Team Arkema Lalou Multi calls upon Arkema’s know-how in innovation and high performance materials.


The Arkema Multi50 trimaran in particular uses Bostik' structural adhesives and sealant-glues for optimum flexibility-sturdiness-weight ratio in ocean racing conditions.


Tiler putting mortar on a concrete floor

Whether for construction or renovation of homes and industrial buildings, Arkema’s adhesives, coatings and sealants fulfill the requirements of construction standards for low-energy buildings.

They are used in thermal and acoustic insulation and to make buildings air- and watertight.

They help assemble materials of a diverse nature.

They may be found, for example, in structures and in cladding/siding, roofing and flooring, in ventilation and heating networks, on walls and in joinery.

Thermal and acoustic insulation, air and waterproofing

  • Bostik® Climatherm and Bostik® PU1K adhesives for insulating or lining panels.
  • Sartomer® acrylic additives for UPR (unsaturated polyester resins) seals.
  • Waterproofing solutions in the form of AquaBlocker and Waterstop liquid membranes from Bostik.

Exterior walls, cladding/siding, roofing

  • Panel Tack ventilated façade adhesives, Brick Effect Render mortars and face coats from Bostik.
  • Bostik® insulating rendering face coats and mortars, enhancers for thermal insulation of walls. 

Floors and walls

  • Render System®, Bostik Smoothing Insulation Filler adhesives for wall covering and insulation.
  • Technis® R self-levelling screeds and Eponal anti-moisture systems.
  • Bostik glues and mortars for floor covering (hardwood, parquet, luxury vinyl, tiles).
  • Crayvallac® and Encor® additives for sealants, joints, mortars and adhesives from Coating Resins.
    Bostik adhesive seals and strips for double glazing.


Sader glue

Babies diapers, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products…, the manufacture of these articles requires specific Arkema high-tech glues that guarantee optimum performance.

With Arkema’s adhesives, putties, sealants and coatings, DIY becomes easy, quicker and economical. In repairs, leisure or decoration, creativity has no bounds thanks to Arkema’s reusable adhesive putties and other solvent-free glues.

The packaging and labelling industry also uses Arkema’s comprehensive know-how to enhance the appearance of packaged products thanks to totally clear labels. This expertise also guarantees the quality of the food in smart packaging that can be repositioned.

Hygiene and medical

  • Bostik ZeroCreep Avancé glues for high performance elastic strand hold and elongation in babies diapers.
  • Securance™ Pad Attachment adhesives for feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products.
  • Blocbuilder® pressure sensitive adhesive synthesis technology for miscellaneous medical applications.

DIY, decoration, creative leisure and multiple everyday uses

  • Quelyd® glue for wallpaper with color indicator for straightforward application.
  • Sader® multi-purpose, even removable, adhesives, and the famous Blu-Tack® reusable adhesive putty.

Packaging and labelling:

  • Evatane® and Lotryl® hotmelt adhesives for cartons, yoghurt pots, cream and toothpaste tubes, deepfreeze packaging.
  • Bostik® Smart Reseal M-Resins hotmelt or pressure sensitive (HMPSA) adhesives for resealable packaging.
  • Encor® latex technical adhesives and Sartomer® acrylic resins for various types of labels, and even Bostik® TLH 4197 E “invisible” adhesives for transparent labels.