Water Management

Drinking water in a glass

The Arkema Group is involved in different stages of the drinking water cycle. It mainly provides solutions for water treatment and filtration, coatings for water lines and a particularly innovative material for the membrane filtration process.

Access to drinking water is one of the major challenges of the 21st century and water treatment is a potential high growth market for industrial, agricultural and domestic water usage. The products of the Arkema Group are used at different stages of the drinking water cycle, and provide sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Solutions to make raw water drinkable

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The Arkema Group provides solutions for obtaining high quality drinking water:

    • Bactivel® bleach is used in the last disinfection stage, both as a bactericide and to protect distribution networks, thereby preserving the quality of water until it is consumed.

Solutions for treating waste water

Primary sedimentation basin, sewage flowing through large tanks

The products of the Arkema Group are also involved in the purification stage at the beginning of the water treatment process:

  • Acrylic monomers commercialized under the Adame®, Adamquat and Madquat brands are used as flocculent polymers. Waste matter is trapped in agglomerated flakes and can then be filtered more easily.
  • Albone® hydrogen peroxide (oxygenated water) eliminates sulfur residues from industrial effluents. This ultimate clean reagent offers the advantage of not generating any sewage sludge or toxic by-products.

Highly protective coatings for water lines

Inside view of water lines

Water quality also depends on the quality of the distribution lines and especially on their resistance to corrosion. In this field, the Arkema Group provides solutions to reduce investment and operating costs, while also preserving water quality.


Metal tube coatings made from Rilsan® Polyamide 11 fine powders have excellent resistance to wear and severe attacks. These coatings represent an alternative solution to stainless steel.

In addition, the fluorinated polymer Kynar® PVDF, used in the internal coating of polyethylene tubes for the transportation of drinking water, ensures the quality and safety of the water from the treatment station to the consumer.

Kynar® PVDF membranes for more efficient water treatment

Today 75% of new filtration facilities around the world use a membrane filtration process. For the production of these membranes, the Arkema Group provides Kynar® PVDF, a high performance fluorinated polymer which offers long-term resistance to aging and corrosive chemical substances.


Researchers in the Arkema Group developed a series of Kynar® grades for a new generation of more efficient filtration membranes to

  • improve the filtration of ultrafine particles such as pesticides and medication
  • provide a hydrophilic function to membrane pores made of Kynar®, thereby increasing the flow of treated water and reducing energy consumption for high pressure water transportation

Result – a filtration process which consumes less energy, and requires less frequent chemical treatment for the elimination of nanoparticles.

Sail for Water, a humanitarian adventure

Focus on... Sail for water

As a sponsor of Sail for Water, Arkema is taking action to improve access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. In the face of the global issue of water quality, the Group has decided to support this fledgling NGO and lend it its support by supplying water filter cartridges.