3D printing materials: our solutions

To unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing, you need more than one key.

3D printing solutions by Arkema

Today’s supply chain is shifting from “just in time” to “here and now”. Design engineers are no longer satisfied by standard products, and are now demanding more personalized solutions - “Faster”, ”Stronger”, ”more Sustainable”, ”more Renewable”, ”Smarter”. They demand materials that process easily and then demonstrate outstanding performances.

3D Printing Solutions by Arkema, brings a step change in additive manufacturing’s possibilities. Beyond offering an industry leading portfolio of materials, the engagement of Arkema is about unlocking new perspectives by bringing full solutions and expertise from the customer’s premises to the industrialization.

A leading portfolio of solutions for each of the major 3D Printing technologies

Arkema offers its customers the most extensive range of materials dedicated to 3D printing. Led by flagship brands such as Sartomer’s N3xtDimension® resins, Rilsan® bio-based polyamides, Kynar® fluoropolymers, and Kepstan® PEKK resins, Arkema’s product offering spans all major additive manufacturing processes – UV Curing, Powder Bed Fusion and Extrusion. Arkema can respond effectively to a broad list of specifications for mechanical and thermal resistance, flexibility, transparency, color and durability.

A better use of material properties

The promises of 3D Printing over traditional manufacturing techniques are well known: faster development cycle, freedom of design and personalization, lighter parts, less waste and less assembly, decentralized manufacturing… In other words, 3D printing helps use less, longer and smarter.

Use less

How to use less material and get lighter parts through combination of modelling and material innovation.

Use longer

How to use material longer through better resistance to impact, by introducing Nanostructuration technology to engineer a new generation of photocurable resins.

Use smarter

How to combine continuous fiber technology and filament fabrication to push further the frontiers of lightweighting.

Part made in laser sintering 3D printing with Polyamide powders 11

A deep understanding of end-user applications and needs

Thanks to Arkema’s experience in highly demanding markets, we connect world class innovators in equipment production with end-users. Collaborative development is key. We share our spirit of collaborative development globally, while supplying and servicing each customer locally. Intimacy with our customers has been the bedrock of our success. As pioneers in extreme applications such as satelites & planes, world-record breaking sports shoes, dental & medical, petrol transportation or automotive, Arkema has grown its business in partnership with its customers. Challenges that are shared are solved faster. Some of the world’s most famous end-user brands count Arkema as their trusted partner and supplier.

Save time during your design phase

Ability to reliably simulate part behavior is key in predicting the optimal design and making the best of 3D Printing. We can recommend to our customers the best trade off between cost and properties for each part, and are dedicated in being at the forefront of simulation tools.

Collaborative development

We partner with our customers to develop custom materials and resins for their unique end-use applications. With our dedicated team of scientists and our 3 global centers of excellence, for each printing technologies, we have enabled the success for our customers in many markets including aerospace, medical, dental, automotive, industry and consumer goods.


Global capability,
local expertise

We are ready to support our partners globally. Our teams are actively investing in all three regions - Europe, Asia, and North America - to serve you better. Our worldwide presence enables us to provide local and quick expertise from customized solution design to implementation.

Leverage partnerships along the chain

Converting new applications to 3D Printing requires close collaboration with machine manufacturers, software editors or end users. Arkema engages in such collaboration and brings the best of its advanced materials and innovative chemistry to optimize part properties and surface finish, or higher throughput. These challenges are driving our innovation.

Some of our key industrial partners

Arkema main partners in 3D Printing

Customers of the HP 3D Multi Jet Fusion™ printer can print parts using new

Arkema materials developed on HP’s open platform.


Our partnership with EOS led to the development of Kepstan® PEKK powders, making possible mass-produced aviation parts that withstand extreme conditions.


With Prodways, we are working on the development of new Polyamides 12-based laser sintering material solutions for the automotive, aerospace and medical industries.