China research and development

Standing among the most innovative chemicals manufacturers in the world, Arkema provides our customers with excellent technology and innovative solutions. In Asia, with the main research center in Changshu, Jiangsu, Arkema stays close to the local customers and brings efficient support.

Innovative chemistry committed to the China market

Innovation runs through Arkema’s veins; it is not only a source of growth, but also a driver of progress and performance for Arkema’s customers. The Arkema Group today stands among the most innovative chemicals manufacturers in the world.


Arkema runs 3 R&D and innovation geographical hubs, and stays close to industrial sites and customers. In Asia, the main research center in Changshu, Jiangsu, works in close cooperation with the sites of Guangzhou in China and Kyoto in Japan.

The employee of Arkema Changshu R&D center is working in the laboratory.

Leveraging the group’s global R&D resources and platforms, Arkema China’s research and development team is fully committed to developing innovative chemical solutions today for tomorrow’s societal needs.

Support customers to meet the evolving market needs

Arkema’s research work is conducted in close cooperation with customers. With its “tailor-made” innovations, Arkema helps customers in China and Asia to achieve new growth opportunities.


Arkema China’s R&D team fulfills customers’ needs by helping them to innovate, and offering them innovative solutions and new technical possibilities to improve the performance of their products. It also provides excellent technical assistance for customers in China and South-East Asia, specifically for performance polymers, fluorinated polymers, organic peroxides, coatings.