Facility and staff in CRDC

Arkema CRDC boasts state-of-the-art equipment and skilled experts to put forward new solutions and products that fulfill customers’ expectations, especially in markets of automotive, batteries, water filtration, sports, coatings, and electronics.

Local facilities

CRDC masters a broad range of technologies covering polymer synthesis and processing, organic chemistry, catalysis, and analytical chemistry.


  • Polymer synthesis includes polycondensation, emulsion polymerization, grafting, controlled polymerization technologies, for example. Arkema's products continuously adapt to market needs and societal requirements, especially when it comes to the major trend of green and environment-friendly chemistry.
Employees at Arkema Changshu R&D center are dedicated to innovation every day.


  • Synthesis equipment also covers organic chemistry, such as the transformation of renewable materials. The processing of castor oil is one of Arkema’s key technologies. Castor oil is a natural and renewable vegetal oil and can be transformed into various products including polymers, solvents, synthesis intermediates or lubricants. Moreover, it does not compete with the world food supply since it’s inedible. CRDC contributes to the development of this field which involves various technologies from hydrolysis to thermal cracking, esterification, distillation, and more.


  • Polymer processing in CRDC covers all technologies including injection, extrusion, compound, film forming, and numerical modeling. Full scale industrial demonstration of the capabilities of Arkema’s products can be done in CRDC, along with training for our customer’s engineers and operators. CRDC thus provides Arkema’s customers with the most state-of-the-art, industrial-scale and highly technical customer support service.


  • CRDC hosts various "application laboratories" that cover all main markets. Arkema can thus test and study its materials in the real situations that its customers would face, allowing to precisely understand their needs and provide comprehensive customer support.


  • Being able to properly analyze products or materials is a key point for a performing and successful chemical research. Arkema has put forth great effort in CRDC to build a coherent array of analytical tools including chromatographic technologies, spectroscopy, thermal analysis, and more. It is very important to characterize not only the chemical properties, but also the mechanical properties of materials. CRDC can analyze tensile or flexural strength or modulus, crack propagation, shock resistance, ageing, and rheological properties of molten polymers. The CRDC equipment covers not only these points, but also "application tests" that characterizes the performances according to the market norms and habits.


  • With a combination of scale up equipment (reactors, columns, etc) and a highly specialized chemical engineering staff, CRDC is able to develop new technologies up to an industrially scalable level within a safe and reliable framework.


Arkema China support our customers in the CRDC or at the customer's facility. The CRDC engineers are committed to helping our customers to use our products at the top of their performance, all over China and South-East Asia. They provide a direct, fast and efficient customer assistance to ensure a safe, efficient and performing use of Arkema’s products.

Chinese researchers and scientists

Arkema value its R&D experts who relentlessly work at putting in place pioneering and sustainable solutions. Most of the research and development scientists of CRDC have a master or PhD degree often with an important part of their university education in Europe or in the United States of America. With a team of top researchers, CRDC provides genuine expertise and first-rate customer support on the Group’s products.