Changshu R&D center

Arkema China research and development center is located close to Shanghai, inside Arkema Changshu site, the biggest industrial platform of Arkema in the world. 

China local facilities

Located in Arkema Changshu site, Arkema China research and development center was opened in 2012. It includes several application laboratories serving our various markets, a large polymer processing facility equiped with the best-in-class equipments and a process research facility to run pilot scale experiments.

Arkema China's first R&D center is located in Arkema Changshu site.
  • Application laboratories dedicated to batteries, membranes, coatings, rubbers...
  • A center of excellence for thermoplastics

        - A large polymer processing hall

        - Injection presses, extrusion lines, compounding lines

        - Mechanical and rheological testing labs

  •  A center of excellence for processes

        - A very large process hall

        - Organic synthesis, polymerization, distillation, water treatment technology, process intensification

  • A training center for customers