Arkema China Digital Strategy

On May 28. 2018 , Arkema officially unveiled its flagship store at Alibaba, as an important step to deploy its digital strategy in China. 

On May 28. 2019, Arkema Alibaba 1688 flagship store will fully upgraded to brand pavilion. This is a milestone for Arkema China Digital Strategy


Welcome to visit Arkema alibaba1688 brand pavilion:

Classic products for sales online:

Oleris® Sebacic acid
Oleris® Sebacic acid
Oleris® Sebacic acid



Platamid® 2513 PTA70
Platamid® H106 PRA 170
Platamid® M1276 PRA170



Kynar® 710
Kynar® 720
Kynar® 740



Rilsamid® AZM30 BLACK T6LD
Orgalloy® LT5050 ES NOIR
Rilsan® MB3610 NAT