Why Arkema?

Thanks to its talents, their development and their everyday commitment, the Arkema Group today is a world player in innovation and a leader in its markets.

Our recruitment and career management policy

Join us and become part of a company working on empowering its talents.

The profiles we seek

We have many opportunities for you. We recruit junior, experienced and expert people from wide-ranging backgrounds such as research and development, process, manufacture, finance, marketing and human resources.


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Your career path within Arkema

Throughout your career in Arkema, you will be assisted by a career manager or a talent manager to help you raise your professional skills and move on to more senior posts, depending on your aspirations.


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What they are saying:

Regional Vice President of Purchasing for North America

Because the Group is international, you will have the opportunity to work abroad, from a few days to a few months, or even have an expat posting over several years.

The values we believe in

Joining Arkema is also agreeing to a set of values and principles that we heed and share on a daily basis:

  • Solidarity: in the decision-making process that commits the company, in the company’s position in its environment, in the ability to work together.
  • Simplicity: in communicating, posing problems and solving them, building tools/methods/structures, and how we behave.
  • Performance: with a view to keep on improving, by anticipating possible future results.
  • Accountability: within the demands of our individual job function, in the consequences of our ensuing actions, in line with a principle of corporate citizenship.

What they are saying:


Arkema, Innovative Chemistry

Innovation at the heart of our strategy

Innovation is part of our DNA, and also the key to our performance and growth. Hence the Group allocates 2.8% of its sales to research and development, and employs some 1,600 researchers.


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Innovation permeates the Group’s four business segments:

  • Adhesive solutions
  • Advanced Materials
  • Coating solutions
  • Intermediates



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An international Group

With its 20,600 employees, our Group operates 147 industrial sites and 15 research centers in over 55 countries. Every year, 1,600 people are recruited around the world.

This global presence is the result of a nimble and balanced geographic expansion between three main regions: Europe, North America, Asia and rest of the world.


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Arkema worldwide

Asia and rest of world 31
Europe 36
North America 33