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Oleris® products are a 100% bio-based range of chemicals, of vegetable and renewable origin (castor oil), in accordance with green chemistry principles. Oleris® products have high purity, are REACH registered, and GMO-free.

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Depending on the chemical process used, the linear 18 carbons chain on castor oil (ricinoleic acid) can be cracked differently into two new chemical species:

  • a C7 and C11 cuts with a mixture of natural fatty acids esters. This unique process in the world has been used in Arkema's Marseille plant for decades.
  • a C8 and C10 cuts with a mixture of fatty acids. The Arkema's newly acquired Casda plant in Hengshui (China). This plant is one of the largest sebacic (C10) and derivates production plant in the world.