Additives for PVC - Plastistrength® Acrylic Processing Aids

Plastistrength® acrylic processing aids

Plastistrength® acrylic process aids are used in many PVC applications including rigid foam, pipe, window profile, trimboard, and sheet.  Arkema's dedication to the PVC market around the globe has brought an intense research focus on new Plastistrength® products for foam and cellular PVC technologies.  Arkema's new Plastistrength® 559, 560, and 566 processing aids offer medium and high molecular weights that allow for low use levels, improving efficiency.  With improved efficiency, Plastistrength® 559, 560, and 566 will also yield better foam densities, cellular structure, and surface finish.


Traditional products such as Plastistrength® 550, 770, and L1000 are proven performers for calendared and extruded, rigid PVC.  Arkema's new Plastistrength® 557 and 559 are an improvement on these all-purpose products.  Plastistrength® 559 is a Ca/Zn one pack formulation for use in rigid PVC sheet applications.




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