Additives for PVC - Durastrength® Acrylic Impact Modifiers

Durastrength® acrylic impact modifiers

As an industry standard for over 40 years, Durastrength® acrylic impact modifiers have constantly evolved to fit the needs of changing PVC applications around the world.  The Durastrength® 200 & 300 series are designed for PVC window profile, siding, and pipe.  Released in 2013, Durastrength® 350 which provides high efficiency in rigid vinyl products. It is commonly used for vinyl window profiles, siding, fencing and more. 


Following on the successful launch of Durastrength® 350, Arkema is now offering in 2014 it's newest generation of PVC additives - Durastrength® 365, 365S, and 380.  All of the 3-series Durastrength®  modifiers are designed for low use levels while yielding superior performance in Charpy and falling weight tests.  Durastrength®  380 is specially formulated for Ca/Zn stabilized PVC and is also useful in flexible and CPVC.




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